Как сделать лордов в mount and blade prophesy of pendor

Как сделать лордов в mount and blade prophesy of pendor

07/11/ · Prophesy of Pendor Developer Notes Please login or register. Login with username The best possible musical accompaniment for Mount & Blade! Steam Workshop: Mount & Blade: Warband. Start up Prophesy of Pendor v and create a new character 2. Save a game with this character, this is important. 3. Entire Nord Infantry Troop Tree from Mount and Blade: Best units to have in Prophecy of Pendor? Paeyvn Prophesy of Pendor 0 points 1 point 2 points 2 years. 26/05/ · A full guide to everything in Prophesy of Pendor! Login Store Community Support Change language View desktop Mount & Blade: Warband > Guides >. 20/12/ · Скрытые сундуки в фанатской версии для Prophesy of Pendor Mount & Blade - Prophesy of Pendor & Perisno Dec 14, at pm.

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  • KorvaMeister Last Online 8 hrs, 44 mins ago. Guide Index. Our Backstory. Riding to a Faction. Waiting and fighting. Becoming the king. Knighthood orders and ending notes. So Prophecy of Pendor has a very interesting backstory system, 2 paths have a big effect on your starting position, ignoring noble renown.

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  • Who your father was and your reason for adventuring are intertwind. There are 2 choices that matter heavily. This may get confusing as like I said, Father and Adventure are connected with almost all the choices. I am going to just give the important couples. Now for the letter that your father has died. Now the letter that changed your life is more of the "lore" decision, it would make your character a defined protagonist, you are a unique and special person to count yourself out from the other characters.

    The letter explains that you are the true king to Pendor thanks to the ancient kingdom that ruled and died long ago. If your father was a knight then you automatically gain 30 renown!

    So we are finally past the beginning. Luckily Pendor is full of enemies, Vanskerry raiders, deserter parties, Heretics, Snake Cult Followers, a smorgasbord of battles awaiting you! And thanks to 7 or 8 leadership, I was hauling max.

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    Might I add, that makes morale a very big pain in the butt! But grab some men, and start hunting a couple parties! We got the Feirdsvain, their huscarls- deadly axes, but up against that we got the Ravenstern Keirguards, who can take a punch and deliver one. Now after you have gained yourself some friends, you are off to ignore them- for now. I joined up with the Feirdsvain when I started, almost all of them hated me because they were sadistic, even the king!

    So after realizing everyone hated me I left them for the faction that was kicking their butt; Ravenstern! Which had a king that was nice and loved me. I got my own village too! So profit! Now, you might find, fiefs really suck. Sadly, this game has a lower profit rate, you are best off building enterprises such as ale or velvet. So for me, my best option was tournaments and looting.

    So go find some arena areas avoiding every enemy party on the way.

    Как сделать лордов в mount and blade prophesy of pendor

    Win those freaking tournaments, and later, start betting max, this in all honestly is the best way to gain money in the game. So we finally have money and XP, hopefully a lot of both Onto being a actual vassel and starting your adventure! So now we have joined which ever faction we chose, now, we sit tight and take some bandits captive. Now, while fighting and leveling up, I recommend basically becoming a slaver, as capturing prisoners and selling them is very profitable, while I was in with the Ravenstern I could knock up around 50 Mystmountain warriors if I was lucky, and then find a slaver tip, even in other mods Ramun is not a fair slaver, go for the other slavers instead of him and sell all the prisoners for a quick 10k.

    Yes, that much; But please do not just go for these guys, I have ran into better selling items, the mystmountain tribes are just quite common, experiment with other enemy types, see which one sells the most.

    Now if you believe the Jatu are difficult you must stay away from Laria, or just from that whole section till you hit Marleons. The Noldor are an ancient race that over time has been fought by the invaders in Pendor that they are now just hostile to everyone. And everyone really should be afraid. The Noldor are deadly, their twilight knights are the best in the game.

    Now, you may think of avoiding them the rest of the game, till you realize that you can became friends with them There are 2 new books you can find; 3 actually! So we have befriended the deadliest enemy Before we move on in our adventure we need to start stocking up for war. Before setting off with our riches, we need to use those.

    You will require 5 Qualis gems before you become the greatest warrior in Pendor.

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  • That sounds like a lot, that is because it is, you think you could just easily become the greatest equiped warrior ever? We got freaking DoomGuides to be afraid of!

    Now we need to head for Rane as we shall use as much energy to gain a Qualis Gem, as we are to get rid of it. Start walking around Rane, make a left when you go through the gate, and at the end, right-left, then turn right and you might notice a hidden chest not so hidden , in this is a free qualis gem. Now before you get all giddy, we are going to use this as it should be used, stupidly.

    Как сделать лордов в mount and blade prophesy of pendor

    We now need to go tavern to tavern till we find a chap named Brother Randalf, once we do ask him about rumors, you will need to do this. If he does not give a "opportunity" then you will have to wait a day or 2 and run around till you find him again.

    This is long and tedious- but worth it. Now head for the Jatu filled lands near Al-Aziz, head there and be confused!

    This is where the other 4 Qualis Gems come in! Yea, you have to defeat those, capture their leader, and ransom him for a Qualis Gem, 4 times.

    You are going to need help, for these parties, I recommend getting the help of your friends. A good way is to hopefully become a marshal, call everyone for war, and hunt down these parties, not easy. These special parties are marked by a custom name, such as Warlord Zulkar or Wolfbode the Slayer. So after either cheating yourself some Qualis Gems or spending days fighting them we shall now head to the mines of Al-Aziz.

    Walk up to the man running the stall and ask for the Two-Handed Sword. Now once you have the weapons put them in your inventory with your food first , and walk over to the other man I forgot, you need to have gotten a couple bottles of wine before talking to him , and initiate the dialogue, when you get to a list of Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald weapons. Congrats, you just got the most damaging and fastest weapons in the game.

    You are now a one man army, swinging faster than others can attack, with quadrouple times the damage. And a bow that shoots like a automatic gun, with pin point accuracy; Welcome to Pendor.

    Pendor troops are quite cheap and very deadly when they become Bladesmen or Foot Knights!

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    Plus most KnightHood Orders require them for the honor troops. Oh crap! So KnightHood Orders are really small factions basically, they do roam around in patrols on the map, not often though. For me since I loved the Noldor I went for the Silvermist Rangers, the only faction that is not hateful of the Noldor and are even dedicated to them!

    Now it is possible to create your own order! But back to the quest, after you take them down, you talk with the man and you find out the Grandmaster was assassinated by these Cultists. Now this is not an easy siege, the castle is filled with Cultists. Anaconda Knights and Serpent Priestesses are very dangerous. So be sure to gather up top tier men and vassels before you besiege the castle. Or yours, as now that you have proven yourself and no Grandmaster to dispute, you are now the leader of the Order.

    And for those who have the Snake Cult book or a item that says "Interesting to Orders" , giving those to a KHO will increase your relation with them. One last note, the Noldor. The Noldor are difficult to become friends with, after reading the books you are forced to just help them in battles, which is quite easy, just follow them around or lead enemies to them and aid them in battles.

    At some point you will hit a limit, about 15 relation with them is enough. Once you leave, you may notice a new town in the woods, Elacrai!

    Head there, talk with everyone in the castle hall, and enjoy the lore. Welcome to Prophesy of Pendor!

    Гайды, советы, как пройти Prophesy Of Pendor? How can I ask more information about the noldor? I started playing a week ago and it really got me going!

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